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Optimising your presence in search engine results requires the development of high-quality content (SEO) boosted by personalised, creative and targeted advertising (SEA). Become a must-see for your future clients, thanks to our Search Engine Marketing experts.

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  • Defining your customers’ “Customer Journey” is guaranteed to maximise the impact of your marketing actions. With the intelligent use of touchpoints, the effectiveness of your calls to action is reinforced.
  • Achieving an ambitious ROI is based on a strong growth strategy supported by up-to-date expertise and adapted content.
  • Generating qualified leads while continuously increasing the conversion rate (CRO) offers your business the opportunity to seize real growth opportunities. Secure your leadership position with a well thought out strategy and continuously optimised targeting.

Thanks to our certified experts, your campaigns will be optimised to score in all search engines.

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Our strategy

Thorough and personalised preliminary analysis

Actions taken must always be carefully thought through in relation to consumer behaviour and the competition. Our teams of experts carry out audits, competitive intelligence and trend/best practice analysis before launching your campaigns.

SEO Tech and Content Optimisation

Good Google ranking is vital. In order to always be one click ahead of the competition, our specialist developers and writers aim to make the best organic or paid content detectable by search engines.

Strategic recommendations

The tools available allow us to go beyond all limits – hyper-customisation of the digital strategy, CRO, choice of tactical channels, marketing mix and so on. Our experts guide you throughout the project to help you convert your audience.

Ongoing audit

The digital world evolves rapidly and what is true one day is not necessarily true the next. DJM offers you constant monitoring of the latest algorithmic trends and permanent “Customer First” adaptation.

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