A good audit guarantees the best performance

Auditing and benchmarking are crucial for long-term strategic development and are often neglected by entrepreneurs. Yet, they drastically improve the performance, adaptability and longevity of a project. Our wide-ranging expertise guarantees you a thorough analysis of your digital activities to achieve a sustained increase in profitability.

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Clear and effective advice

We have mastered many current analysis tools that allow us to define and optimally fine-tune short, medium and long-term strategies.

This is executed with one main goal: to ensure that the results achieved coincide with the objectives pursued.

Setting coherent and credible objectives, which adapt to market developments with a focus on the future, is the guarantee of rapid progress.

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Tomorrow’s success is prepared today

Knowing others is wise; knowing yourself is enlightened. Prepare or redefine your digital transformation for greater operational efficiency. Our audit and benchmarking strategies aim to take stock of your current situation and define avenues for improvement and growth opportunities.

We put your business environment under the microscope

SEO Audit

Implementation of an up-to-date strategy and advice for optimising your natural listings.

SEA Audit

Analysis and optimisation of advertising campaigns for maximum performance.

Content audit

Recommendations for creating and improving content to communicate effectively with your targets and their lookalikes.


Identification of essential KPIs to guide your overall digital strategy.

Social media management

Analysis of your presence on social networks and implementation of a tailor-made community management strategy.

Our strategy

Definition of multiple ambitious but realistic objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Identification of priority areas and proven development tactics.

Efficient quick-wins.

Disruptive orientation.

Drawing up a detailed roadmap to provide an overview of future actions.

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Médiacité decided to give itself a makeover, and this multi-channel project was won by the DJM digital team. The shopping centre contacted us to create its website and mobile application, providing an exciting global project to which our team gave 100%.


Real is a family story. Since its creation in 1946, the company has continued to grow and offer an ever-expanding range of cheeses and dairy products. DJM digital has had the opportunity to participate in the evolution of Real by supporting it in its digital strategy.

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