Free up time and resources with marketing automation

Marketing automation promises to save energy and resources while optimising your brand’s user experience and customer relationship. This customisable technology relieves your staff of tedious, repetitive tasks, making them more efficient.

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Do you want to save time and focus your team on the essentials?

Optimise your internal processes

This is also valuable information for technologically optimising your team’s marketing processes. DJM supports you in the implementation of the most efficient tools to make the work of your teams more profitable and efficient.

This will increase not only your ROI but also improve the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Together, we develop different automation scenarios to impact the entire Customer Journey by personalising the commercial relationship with your customers.

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Fast, visible results

This efficiency-driven redeployment is based on the implementation of the best Onboarding, Trigger Marketing and Lead Scoring tools.

DJM offers you the latest technological innovations


This globally-renowned software is used for the automated and personalised management of your mailings, SEA and social network campaigns, which can easily be integrated with the tools you wish to use.


Robust and scalable, this automation platform is designed exclusively for the largest companies with complex and massive prospect databases.


This intelligent solution helps you revolutionise your marketing techniques by rethinking engagement and supporting your sales team.

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Data is a source of revenue. We help you collect it and use it intelligently.