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Attention runners, this should interest you!

You have probably already heard of the famous Maasmarathon in Visé. A unique cross-border course through the Belgian and Dutch countryside, along quiet paths and beautiful roads along the Meuse. There’s nothing like it for running against the clock in the best conditions!

DJM is proud to be one of the official sponsors of this major event in the Lower Meuse region.


  • Modernise the existing website
  • Strengthen the online presence of the Maasmarathon
  • Attract more young runners
  • To create and retain an online community


  • A showcase website in the new colours of Maasmarathon to present their different races and revitalise their image
  • The creation of an official Facebook page
  • The implementation of a Community Management strategy
  • The launch and optimisation of a long-term digital strategy to boost the event’s reputation
Maasmarathon website


For the Maasmarathon, we developed a WordPress showcase site reflecting its new graphic identity, history and values. It allows visitors to discover the different races offered by the Maasmarathon in a modern and colourful environment. Visitors can also consult images and results of previous races or register online with ease.

Digital strategy

In recent years, the running community has been growing steadily. The Maasmarathon wants to attract all those sportsmen and women who are looking for a new challenge in a bucolic setting. How do we go about it?

The first step is to get the word out about the Maasmarathon on one of the most popular platforms for runners of all ages and abilities. That’s why we decided to create an official Facebook page of the Maasmarathon de la Basse-Meuse.

The main objective? To get closer to the community of runners by creating a special relationship with them. There are many pages and groups dedicated to the race. The challenge is to stand out!

Thanks to our content marketing strategy, the page is regularly updated in order to offer valuable content to all our followers looking for real added value.

Maasmarathon Facebook page