Why you should target Generation Z and how to do it

Why you should target Generation Z and how to do it 1024 773 DJM digital

Generation Z is made up of people born from 1995 onwards. They represent a great potential for increasing profits for companies.

Find out why it could be worthwhile for your business to target this part of the population and, more importantly, our tips for reaching generation Z with a relevant message.

Why target digital natives?

For starters, generation Z represents more than a third of the world’s population. This part of the market, therefore, includes a large number of already active consumers, but also the consumers of tomorrow.

Moreover, this generation has a real capacity to influence purchasing decisions. Young people like to communicate and share with their peers because they consider them trustworthy. Convincing this market segment means that you will potentially reach many prospects as they are used to sharing their buying experiences. They do not hesitate to express themselves, to engage and complain on social networks.

Finally, generation Z tends to be attached to brands they like. They follow many brands on social networks, are interested in their news and interact with them. The more interactions you get, the more visibility you gain. In short, winning over Generation Z means surrounding yourself with true brand ambassadors.

How do you do it?

Offer a real experience

Digital natives are used to finding what they need on the Internet. If they are not immediately convinced by your offer, they will switch to one of your competitors who will undoubtedly offer a more attractive alternative.

If you want your business to thrive with this audience, you will have to attract them in ways other than just by selling them your products or services. You need to capture their attention by creating an experience around your offer, in order to entice and engage them.

Engage and create real connections

To appeal to Generation Z, brands need to demonstrate engagement. Young people are looking for real-time communication with content creators. They like to participate in debates, give feedback and take part in live polls. Show them that you are socially responsible and that you really share their values.

Gen Z also wants customisation and personalisation. More than their older counterparts, they want to have their own style and be unique, while following fashion. They appreciate brands that understand their desire for uniqueness, especially by offering them personalised or tailor-made products.

Use the right channels

To reach the Zs, make video an integral part of your marketing mix. This market segment is more interested in video than any other form of media on the Internet. Gen Z is all about honesty and transparency. To meet their expectations, you can offer live video content, for example.

Micro-influencers are also a very important source of information for this audience. They appreciate recommendations from real people who share their values and ideals. Of course, you should choose influencers that fit your brand image.

Finally, you should, unsurprisingly, have a presence on social networks. Depending on the type of people you want to target, several networks may be relevant such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok.


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