Tech 4 good: technologies with positive impacts

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What is Tech 4 Good?

“Tech for Good” refers to technological innovation that serves the common good. This movement is not new. It brings together stakeholders from all over the world who share a common goal: to mobilise technology to develop social , inclusive and sustainable innovation.

Some Tech 4 Good projects

Numerous companies and start-ups have given voice to initiatives that use new technologies to address societal and environmental issues.

“Dolores” Training

Sigo Healthcare is an e-health company specialising in the development of playful therapeutic tools for carers and their patients. The start-up has taken the initiative and launched “Dolores” online training , a free 80-minute course, which aims to help beauty and care professionals to guide female victims of violence who confide in them.


The mobile application Happify was developed in collaboration with specialists in positive psychology to help people with anxiety or depression regain control of their emotional well-being.

Too Good To Go

You’ve probably already heard of, or even used, this “anti-waste” app. Using the app, Belgian retailers can add value to their unsold goods in order to avoid food waste. How does it work? The principle of Too Good To Go is based on the “surprise basket” composed of the day’s unsold goods. Users can reserve their basket via the app and pick it up at the end of the day. And all this at a low price.


Rwandan start-up Wastezon has launched a mobile application that allows individuals and households to sell their unused electrical items to recycling companies. Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, Jacqueline Mukarukundo, Wastezone’s managing director, decided to adapt the application to the situation. The start-up is developing a product to help dispose of used masks to protect the environment and avoid contamination.

The arrival and evolution of new technology have clearly changed our society. At DJM, we like to highlight the positive impact of this by highlighting projects that are in the public interest , which is one of the key aspects of the Tech 4 Good movement.