Phygital: 3 major advantages for the customer experience

Phygital: 3 major advantages for the customer experience 1024 773 DJM digital

For the past few years, a new trend has been making its way into the heart of retail strategies. Phygital, a subtle blend of the physical and virtual worlds of shops, is a way to meet the new demands of 2.0 consumers. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of an essential facet of current digital strategies.

#1. A seamless experience

As we know, consumers are increasingly demanding of brands. They expect brands to offer them a unique and privileged relationship. The buying process must be fluid , simple and relevant.

This fluidity can now be found by browsing through the various channels and contact points offered by the brand. By creating synergies between its digital channels and its physical points of sale, your company increases its chances of following its customers throughout their buying journey.

No advisor available in the shop? No problem; the customer can chat live with an agent from their smartphone. Is that item in the window that they are so interested in available? No need to queue up; just consult the touch terminal at the customer’s fingertips. Is there no stock in the shop? This same terminal allows them to place an order in a few seconds and then receive their package at home.

Unsurprisingly, 78% of companies that have adopted an omnichannel strategy have seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction, which is now at the heart of retailers’ concerns.

#2 A personalised experience

As we mentioned in our article on the hyper-personalisation of the customer experience , more than 80% of e-shoppers said they no longer wish to buy from a site that has not taken their preferences and history into account.

Today’s consumers want brands to offer them the right product at the right time. They expect your company to make an effort to create a close relationship. This is why many shops use their CRM software and online data to better understand and communicate with their customers.

Did you know that thanks to smart wifi , interactive window displays and connected fitting rooms can show visitors to physical shops the products they are most likely to like? “Bricks and mortar” shops are getting creative when it comes to meeting their customers’ expectations with the many digital tools available.

#3 A simplified experience

With a phygital strategy , you are present on all fronts. This multiplication and standardisation of channels enables you to simplify the purchase for your customers. Personalised shop visits, fast payment, flexible purchasing methods, easy returns, and collection of orders placed on the Internet…

Imagine the new shopper’s journey:

  • They start their experience on a smartphone.
  • They anticipate their purchase.
  • They receive a notification on their smart watch to let them know that the item is available in their nearest shop.
  • They go to the store to try it on with the help of augmented reality mirrors.
  • They do not make a decision immediately as they prefer to consult customer reviews and recommendations on social networks.
  • They choose to complete payment online in a few seconds.
  • They select the “click and collect” option and picks up their package in a physical shop the next day.

This fusion between digital and physical brings real added value to your strategy. Occupy a key position at each stage of the purchase funnel by placing the user experience at the heart of your marketing efforts.