A solid foundation for a good recovery!

A solid foundation for a good recovery! 952 714 DJM digital

As you know, at DJM, the digital revolution and technological evolutions are part of our daily routine. Reactivity, flexibility, training, innovation, and so on; the whole team is working together to meet the challenges inherent in the profound upheavals involved in digital transformation.

With this in mind, new recruits have joined the DJM family. We know by attracting digital talent we will build the world of tomorrow. We’re off to a great start this autumn and ready to achieve new goals!

An inspiring new workspace

With the arrival of all these new employees, we were getting a bit cramped. That’s why we decided to move to the Grand Poste, a historic building in the heart of the Cité Ardente. This unique space, which convinced us with its dynamism, will undoubtedly be conducive to the emergence of new projects, each more innovative and ambitious than the last.

Towards the total experience

As we have already mentioned in a previous article, the “Total Experience” (TX) aims to satisfy users, customers and employees through a common strategy. This technique for digital transformation aims to unify processes, remove barriers and create fluid and intuitive experiences for everyone.

The aim of boosting TX, concern for well-being at work and everyone’s productivity are the reasons why we have opted for flexible offices. In today’s disruptive environment, more than ever, companies need to refocus their efforts on people, their welfare and improving their experiences. They need to engage their customers and employees by creating a rewarding and enriching environment for all.

New strategic positioning

For over 20 years, DJM has been evolving, adapting and innovating. With this in mind, we have defined a new strategy perfectly in line with our DNA and our philosophy. Furthermore, this approach aligns with our desire to support our clients over the long term through solid and mutually beneficial partnerships.

And you, have you re-evaluated your business strategy?

September is always a good time to question yourself and start afresh. Taking stock, taking a step back from the state of your company and identifying possible areas for development or improvement are good practices that every company should adopt.

Step 1: Conduct an audit

It is essential to carry out a complete marketing audit to optimise your strategy and redefine your annual or half-yearly objectives. This will enable you to assess your current strategy and compare it with that of your competitors.

An audit can be general, but it can also target specific aspects, such as the strategy used on social networks or natural and/or paid SEO. The objective is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. Above all, obtain advice and recommendations for improving your performance.

Step 2: interpreting the results

The results of the audit will help answer questions such as

• Where and how should clients invest?
• What budgets should be allocated to which channels?
• Which positioning should be chosen?
• What objectives should be targeted?
• Which marketing mix should be used?

This part of the analysis is actually the most important. It is a question of exploiting all the information gathered to develop a relevant strategy based on the results previously obtained by the company and its competitors.

Step 3: Implement a data-driven strategy

Once you have completed the first two steps, you are ready to implement your strategy! It may seem trivial, but thorough analysis and clear objectives are the basis of any coherent action plan. Yet, even today, many companies do not start with these solid foundations and do not follow up their marketing actions sufficiently.

We can’t stress enough that continuous optimisation is the only way to achieve effective results.