Couch commerce: buying from the couch becomes the norm

Couch commerce: buying from the couch becomes the norm 1024 773 DJM digital

In recent months, online shopping from a mobile device, also known as M-commerce, has evolved into “couch-commerce”. Nowadays, shopping directly from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) while sitting comfortably on the couch has become a habit for a large part of the population. Couch-commerce is also set to become the primary form of consumer shopping.

Our use of mobile phones has come of age

People now want to be able to buy what they want, wherever and whenever they want it. Smartphones have become an increasingly important part of the daily lives of online shoppers.

These devices have become veritable personal shopping advisors, used to compare prices, search for reviews, check product availability, offer inspiration through social networks, receive personalised offers, but also to make a purchase.

And this trend has been driven by the constant efforts of brands to improve the user interface and mobile responsiveness of their e-tailers.

An app for even more convenience

There is also a greater propensity to buy via apps , to the detriment of the “classic” versions of brand websites. Many brands have started to develop innovative applications, always placing UX at the heart of their approach.

As you know, users now demand the smoothest, most enjoyable and most intuitive shopping experience possible. Thanks to their ease of use, ergonomics, etc., online sales apps respond perfectly to the changes in consumer habits.

However, a mobile application does not only bring benefits to the users but also to the e-tailers! Indeed, you can increase your conversion rate and therefore your sales by responding to your prospects’ shopping preferences with an app version of your e-shop.

Data protection and secure payment

If you embark on an M-commerce adventure, be aware of the regulations and customers’ expectations regarding data protection and the payment methods you will offer. These must be clear, practical and user-friendly. Users must be quickly reassured and put at ease in order to convert and complete their purchase. Otherwise… you’ll be faced with a barrage of shopping cart abandonments!

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