Artificial intelligence, the ultimate marketer’s friend

Artificial intelligence, the ultimate marketer’s friend 1024 773 DJM digital

From acquisition to retention, your customer comes into contact with you on many occasions. You probably know that it is essential to adapt your marketing strategy to each of these touchpoints in order to optimise the customer journey and maximise conversions.

But what role does artificial intelligence play in your brand communication? Are you aware of all the possible applications of AI ? And more specifically, do you know how it can be used to benefit marketers ?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and marketing automation are all extremely powerful resources that, when used wisely, enable you to perform better, increase audience engagement, refine your campaigns, increase your ROI and, more generally, make decisions based on very precise and tangible information.

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AI for acquisition

Although every step of the buying journey is important, the purchase process is particularly crucial. If you target people who have a low propensity to buy your products or services from the start, your return on investment will not be satisfactory.

AI intervenes to help you to better understand your target audience and meet their expectations. It allows you to identify the prospects most likely to convert. Thanks to predictive analysis, you can adapt your targeting and messaging to each market segment.

But in tangible terms, how can AI help you optimise your targeting strategy?

AI for targeting

Interacting with your customers or site visitors is very worthwhile. However, these interactions will bear much more fruit if you know the intentions behind the customer’s behaviour. What does the customer want to achieve? Keep in mind that the consumer is not always aware of exactly what they want, or at least they don’t always articulate it perfectly.

The good news is that thanks to AI, companies now have the power to know what their customers’ real intentions are. This is a huge strategic advantage ! Indeed, you can anticipate the needs of consumers and target them with an appropriate solution.

It is also possible to target an audience in a very advanced way based on their interests , behaviour , demographics , or even their relationships with other people or brands. For example, you could decide to target the friends of a person who will celebrate a birthday next month and who likes sports.

AI for remarketing

Once you’ve reached your target audience, the work doesn’t stop there – quite the contrary! You now have to activate and retain these prospects in order to move them down the conversion funnel and lead them to a purchase.

In particular, you need to adapt communication according to the different interactions made by the user. For example, if the person has added an item to their basket but has not yet purchased it, they will see a specific ad. On the other hand, when they go on to purchase, this ad should no longer appear for them. The objective is to offer the best user experience, with coherent and fluid communication.

AI to promote loyalty

Finally, artificial intelligence can also boost the loyalty of your customers. For example, it allows automated interactions via chatbots or virtual assistants. Moreover, it is possible to suggest personalised recommendations for each consumer, based on their behaviour and previous purchases. AI is therefore also a powerful tool for cross-selling and up-selling.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence offers many opportunities. Each of your users will benefit from a tailor-made shopping experience thanks to AI!

Companies that integrate AI into their digital marketing strategy have every chance of creating high-performance campaigns. The use of AI allows leaders and innovators to achieve a higher level of competitive advantage, and also to save costs and time for both the company and the customer.